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Welcome to the Past

Falling Stars


Gordon Thomas Ward on lead and harmony vocals and 12-string jumbo guitar. Eric Troyer contributed the bass. Tom Rosenthal adds the perfect flair to this song with his flute.

Background & Inspiration

I wrote this song at the age of sixteen. I remember being in high school and watching a friend of mine dance on the school’s stage. She was much admired for her abilities and even seemed to have groupies. When she sustained an injury, her dancing abilities became compromised. It was one of the first times I remember thinking that life can throw curves at you and alter abilities that are often taken for granted. While the song isn’t about my friend, her injury inspired this story about an aging dancer whose career becomes eclipsed by the talent and abilities of younger artists. In a sense, this song and its metaphors apply to us all.


She dances alone on a starlit stage of empathy.

She wears the façade of a movie star.

Her head starts to whirl as they play for the girls in the front row seats,

And the crowd starts to yell and cry for more.


(Chorus) And the planets swirl ’round in their patterns,

As the stars fall out of the sky,

And the phase of the moon doesn’t matter

Just as long as we stay as we are.


She kicks off her slippers and curses as the curtain closes.

The lights go down on the stage.

The tear in her eye says good-bye as it falls on the roses,

And the paint on the wall peels with age.








She changes her dress, 

and she stoops down to pick up her dancing shoes.

She locks her dressing room door.

Yes, she’s danced her last dance, 

and she picks up her check at the ticket booth,

And she watches the birds as they soar…in the sky.





…as we are.