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My new record Providence was released on August 30, 2018!
Check out my new singles "The Boys of '17,"
"Trees," and "How Many More"!

Song Videos

Falling Stars

Live performance of "For Emily"

Grandfather River

One Kiss

Séan’s Song
For Emily
Hardscrabble Life
The Ballad of Joseph Martin



Piety of Thieves

Pastures of Plenty
Union Maid
This Land Is Your Land
Do Re Mi

Recent Appearances
Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA, 3 years running
Prospect Harbor Music Festival, 2 years running

Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

Godfrey Daniels

5th National Vigil for All Victim of Gun Violence

     at St Marks Church in Washington, D.C.

Bound for Glory Radio Show

ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks

Opened for for The Boxcar Lilies, Bill Staines,
     and Huxtable, Christensen & Hood

Tour dates in NJ, NY, PA, and ME

The Folk Project

The Virginia Napurano Cultural Arts Center

Waterloo Highlands Festival
Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival, 4 years running

WDVR FM shows
Horses Sing None of It
Television Shows
CD Discussion on Old Ways in New Jersey
Appearance on Horses Sing None of It

WFMZ-TV Music Mondays

Songwriting and Performances: Please see my Bio.

Instrumentation: Gordon's passion for music began when he was a small boy watching his father play clarinet and sax while he listened to a jazz station on the radio. When Gordon got to fifth grade, his teacher used to sing us songs and accompany herself with a 12-string guitar, and he was hooked. Gordon got his first guitar, a Toredo classical, from his parents at Christmas when he was eleven years old. He played it constantly. In fact, he still does, and it's featured on the first track of his CD Welcome to the Past. Since the time he got his first guitar, he's played in different bands, duos, and as a solo act, and he now own a number of different instruments. Similar to children, he loves them all for their different voices and character. He started composing songs in high school and considers his guitars cowriters. Each one elicits different moods and creative inspirations.


He currently has in his acoustic "guitarsonal" a 6-string grand concert guitar, 6-string jumbo guitar, 12-string jumbo guitar, classical guitar, 6-string Nashville high strung guitar, an 8-string baritone guitar, and an 8-string chromatic bass walkabout dulcimer. Most of Gordon's guitars are Taylors. He loves their tone, feel, wood selections, and craftsmanship. The exceptions are his Toredo classical and his 6-string Nashville high strung guitar, which is an Ovation Balladeer he's had since high school and adapted to its current state. He use many, if not all, of them in his concerts and a couple of them in his presentations.

Welcome to the Past

Welcome to the Past, my first album, is a collection of original, acoustic, evocative tracks, featuring a variety of moods and topics ranging from an instrumental to ballads, story-songs, and anthems performed in a solid, folk rock style.


You can listen to audio samples and purchase songs directly from the Welcome to the Past page.